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whiskey watering holes

Whatever your favorite food or beverage might be you can find the best of it in San Francisco, and here we're talking all things whiskey. I'm a whiskey, old-fashioned guy and I think we all can use a good bourbon from time to time. If you agree and happen to be visiting Beacon Grand then you are in for a treat! The City has some excellent whiskey watering holes, here are some of my favorites. Come find me in the main lobby or Beacon Lounge if I can assist with any tips or tricks to access these gems.

Occidental Cigar Club


There is a sign hanging outside the Occidental Cigar Club proclaiming, "If the aroma of fine tobacco products offends you, this is not an entrance. There are a few good bars around the corner!" Most bars in San Francisco remain non-smoking establishments, however, it is legal to smoke in owner-operated establishments like this one. They offer premium cigars for sale, over 150 spirits, artisan-crafted brews, and small production hard-to-find wines. A civilized place to enjoy a fine cigar and a dram of whiskey in my opinion.



The vibes of Rickhouse harken back to the classy saloons of the 1920s. Lit with retro incandescent bulbs in the ceiling and real candles on the tables, it feels like the perfect amount of dim ambiance. It has a glorious selection of whiskey ranging from scotch to bourbon. If you can't find your favorite just ask one of the knowledgeable mixologists and they will be more than happy to help you make a selection.

Bourbon & Branch


In addition to being well hidden, local speakeasy Bourbon & Branch makes some of San Francisco's most secret cocktails. Although hard to gain access, the exclusivity is worth the trouble. They are one of the finest cocktail bars in the nation. To get past the doorman you will need a password which makes the bar that much more mysterious. The mood is dark and sexy with everyone speaking in hushed tones. Adding to its refined nature, phones are discouraged and picture-taking is not allowed. Needless to say, this bar is an incredible experience.

The Post Room


On the mezzanine overlooking the Lobby, enjoy expertly crafted cocktails and breakfast, lunch, and dinner with seasonal NorCal ingredients, all in a nostalgic setting punctuated by tinkling Powell Street cable car bells and live music.

- Leif