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best consignment shopping in san francisco

Are you looking for an inexpensive designer item while shopping during your trip to San Francisco? You Social Host Emma here, and I have a few consignment stores that are a must-hit. I love a good bargain and there is something so therapeutic about sifting through racks of consignment clothing for that perfect new piece.

Crossroads Trading Company

My all-time favorite place to buy, sell, trade, and cosign fashion is Crossroads Trading Company located in the Castro, Fillmore, and Inner Sunset. Each location features pieces unique to its neighborhood. For example, you'll find eclectic pieces in the Castro and workwear in the Fillmore. Another perk about Crossroads is that they focus on quality versus quantity. Sizes are sometimes limited, but I've found amazing designer pieces from Theory, and even my favorite red-bottomed Christian Louboutins.

Community Thrift Store

Community Thrift Store in the Mission is my go-to for clothes I need in a pinch or for a special occasion, such as Halloween. Don't assume anything negative about the store based on the super affordable prices. One of my favorite finds there is a blouse by Just Female, originally $99 that I scored for $7. If you search thoughtfully, you too can find these types of hidden gems.

Buffalo Exchange

Lastly, Buffalo Exchange with two locations, one in the Mission and one in Haight, is a must for all shoppers. Although they don't have as many designer pieces as Crossroads, they do have a larger selection of used clothing. One important note is that the shoe selection here is fabulous! Additionally, they celebrate Earth Day with a "$1 Sale" - yes, most pieces are reduced to one dollar. My friends and I will make a day out of shopping at the Mission location; I suggest reserving a table a Lolo for after shopping to show off all of your killer finds.

And if you're donning a piece you discovered at one of these hidden gems, please be sure to find me in the lobby or The Post Room to show off your fabulous find. I'd love to share in your shopping joy!

- Emma